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About bxhh

BXHH design team,which began in 1995,was founded in Guangzhou by three architects from Tongji University.Experienced the the golden period and rapid development of Chinese design market,we obtained the approval of the first Guangdong copartnership qualification in private design company. After great many efforts and persistent pursuit, BXHH,which has created many outstanding architectural designs, has owned more than 500 employees and become influential and branded design team.

Company is headquartered in Guangzhou and has been serviced in South Market with excellent work and good service.As hot spots from coastal cities to inland China,we also turned to the national market and set up offices in many cities. Design covers the urban design, regional planning, exhibition and commercial buildings, hotels, offices, apartments, residential, cultural construction and social facilities, etc.

BXHH owns innate creativity, cohesion and vitality.Our core management has broad international vision and excellent team leadership, excellent management structure and perfect system,which attracts many professional and creative elites who comes from large design organizations with design and project management experienced.

Our core competitiveness are fully reflected in a heavily built up design works, such as early completion of Zhongtai International, Yuecai Building,Poly Cambridge,Jincheng Nanyuan, Decimating Park 28, and recently completed design such as Yunlu Residence, Zhujiang Yujing Yi Hao, Poly Most Sinks, Zhuguang headquarters, Chunjiang Mingcheng ,Chengdu Zhongde British Residence, Foshan stars International, Huadu Wanda tourist city ,etc.These projects embody the designers wisdom and inspiration, and achieved good social repercussions.

 Commissioned design is our main task.Therefore,we attach great importance to customer satisfaction,and carefully maintenance good reputation as a life.Because in specific project process, we pay attentions to services and communication between designers and customers, emphasizes preciseness and efficiency, we can balance the complicated factors in projects to make customers get the biggest economic and social benefits through our design. Perfect service philosophy enable us to established a good partnership with many companies, such as Poly, China real estate, Pearl estate, Decimating, Wanda,etc.

With innovation and improvement to adapt changing time, BXHH sustained healthy development in the construction market.We are trying to work together to build a harmonious,comfortable, poetic and efficient living environment, ecology of the modern city.

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